Tarty week

It’s a tarty week. Tarte au citron, tarte amandine, tarte aux fruits, tarte aux pommes and jalousie aux fruits avec d’amandes. Yes, I don’t get the french words and sometimes it’s hard to decipher if Chef is speaking French or English (blanche or blanchir?). But mostly Chef C. speaks french when he’s cursing the decoration fruits that don’t stay in place so that’s good.

But no chance I’m learning cheesecakes and chiffon cakes since they are not french pastries. And don’t ever call a tart – a pie. (Pies are american. Tarts are elegant. They are french.)

And so I made a lemon tart and an apple tart this week. The lemon tart was really really sour (like eating superlemon sweets). Didn’t like it plus we had no time to pipe the meringue on top properly. The apple tart was much less sour but I would add more sugar if I were to make it on my own.


On Thursday I made puff pastry but it didn’t turn out very pretty (but taste good!) so I’m not showing you! hahaha….


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