miu miu sale

at 45% off! Totally out of context here I know hahah….

I was there on the first day at Selfridges and at the Bond Street boutique. It’s good when your school is located at the shopping belt and you end class at 1pm. Saw a patent leather bag at 45% off (341 quid after discount). Looks good on me. Phoned hubby (to ask if I should buy it).

Hubby’s reply: ‘But you are a student. 341 pounds is 341 x 2.7 = 920.70SGD. It’s a thousand Sing for a bag! It’s up to you but I think you should not spend this money.’ *Sigh*

After finding out I cannot claim VAT return, I decided not to get it (it’s fated!). Went to Starbucks and had a latte to reward myself for saving 341 quid.

Two days later, hubby called: ‘I have thought it over carefully. I hoped you didn’t buy the bag cos as a student, I really don’t think you should buy it.’

Yeah yeah, I know lah…

‘But as your husband, I should get you the bag.’

Aww… touched. (But the bag is sold out already hahahah)


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