Abracadebra Alhambra!

This rich hazelnut with chocolate ganache cake made me slightly sleepless on sunday night. When I get sleepless it means I must be more than slightly worried bacause normally I can fall asleep when I hit the pillow faster than you can say Alhambra!

So lack of good night sleep plus jitters makes a recipe for disaster. Actually things went on quite well initially. My cake rose to a good height, my ganache combined well… then when I was trying to balance the cooling rack and open the chiller, the cake slide right off the rack and landed smack on the floor! F***! The bottom piece was in 2 pieces. Luckily the chef was not in the room at that time and didn’t see my little acrobatic stunt (Chef, if you ever read this, please please do not deduct my grades!)

In retrospect, if I ever need to have my share of clumsiness, this is quite a good time. The cake was to be covered in chocolcate glaze anyway so no one will really know the cake at the bottom has split into half! hee hee…

We also made marzipan roses and I’m happy mine turned out well (Chef L. joked if I had been making marzipan roses for a long time… but it’s my first time really). I’m also happy with the piping… we had to spell ‘Alhambra’ on the cake. Think it looked pretty good. No modesty here sorry… but I’m just being honest (like when I sucked last week, I did mean it).


2 Responses to “Abracadebra Alhambra!”

  1. 1 Karen August 10, 2008 at 3:04 am

    oh, i love how you piped the words!! the rose is lovely lovely lovely… great job girl!! 🙂

  2. 2 chiffonchic August 10, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    Thanks my dear fren!

    I do like piping – it’s fun and allows a little bit of creativity since the rest of the cake is pretty much standard…

    I have improved on the rose. Now I see this one, it looks little strange as there are only 3 petals on the outer layer – should have 5.

    Check out the Fraisier cake! (akan datang)

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