An 18th century French dessert probably named after Queen Charlotte. It is a Bavarian creme mousse set in a mold lined with sponge biscuit. Looks complicated and very pretty but is not that tough to make – really! Well, at least I think so…

Tastes rather like the 80’s Magnolia Zoo cup ice cream (chocolate flavour). Anyone remember that? It’s a small cup of ice-cream in vanilla or chocolate flavour selling for 50cents in the provision shops. Not sure if tasting like a cheap retro ice-cream is a good thing but I do like the diagonal sponge design on the cake.

Then comes Charlotte aux Cassis…

The sponge tastes good with the raspberry jam in between and looks really cool too. The cassis (blackcurrant) is a tad too sour for my liking and made loads of purple stains on my uniform (urrgghhh… I just bleached off the chocolate stains and now I have purple stains). Don’t know why but I always get my uniform dirtied. Must be because my jacket front is at the same level as the table – talking about being short in the kitchen, I have trouble whisking in the large round bottom bowl since the bowl comes up my chest level and I cannot see if my cake is done if it is on the first tray in the oven! And Chef J. loves to find ways to remind me of my vertical challenges 😛


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