Graduation Day

They say if you failed the course they will call you before grad day. For once, I hope no one calls me. No one got any calls and everybody passed (so happy!).

We were lucky to get the head chef of cuisine to prepare canapes for our grad day. It tastes as good as it looks I promise you.

1. Beetroot marinated smoked salmon, parmesan pastry with creme fraiche, zucchini with goat cheese and basil:

2. Fried handmade salmon fish balls (chef explained about using stock, eggs, herbs, etc to make it but I was lost halfway already!)

3. Marinated chilli prawns with snow peas (my favourite!)

4. Canape sized chicken wings (has peanut oil, sesame oil and lemongrass. very fragrant and light)

I brought Liz and Dan as my guests. Who wants to come for my next grad day?


1 Response to “Graduation Day”

  1. 1 Adeline Soh October 14, 2010 at 9:45 am

    Hi there, I’ve been thinking (or more like wishing) to make a trip to London to do the LCB Patisserie course and was hoping that someone (great if he/she is a Singaporean) can help give me some advice.

    Will you be willing to share your experience pls? I have some questions and would really appreciate your advice.

    Thank you in advance…rgds/adeline

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