Truffles au Chocolat

Truffles was our last practical for Basic Patisserie and it was after our final practical exams. Heh heh so how did I fare for exams? Well, we had to do 4 things in 2.5 hours – genoise sponge, eclairs, tart shell and some buttercream piping. My genoise sponge was fluffy and good, tart shell was good, buttercream piping not too bad and eclairs…. haha.

We had to coat our eclairs with coffee flavoured fondant and I was the first to start the fondant coating. I did not temper the fondant properly and half the class used my fondant after that. Sabotage. Not that I feel guilty (we have not tried tempering fondant before and I honestly did not know I was doing the wrong thing. Plus no one had time to do it anyway so they can either use mine or go without). I wonder if we would get more points deducted for having a wrong fondant coating or for having NO fondant coating.

Anyway, back to truffles. We made white chocolate truffles with kirsch, dark chocolate truffles with rum and muscadines (milk chocolate with praline and cointreau). All very alcoholic but nice! Nothing beats fresh chocolate truffles made with fresh cream ganache and good quality chocolate. Here is a picture of Chef C’s creations:


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