Pain au Chocolat and Croissants

My patisserie will not sell danish pastries, puff pastries and croissants.

  • Reason 1: They are high in fats – not good for your diet.
  • Reason 2: They are boring – there are croissants everywhere.
  • Reason 3: I cannot make them successfully.

Somehow, puff pastries are really not my forte and I still don’t know where the problem lies (neither does Chef). Anyway,,,

Interesting Trivia: In France, croissants come in 2 shapes – straight and crescent. The straight ones are more expensive than the crescent because they are made with 100% butter. The crescent ones can be made from any other fat (shortening, vegetable, part butter). This law is only upheld in France. So do eat the straight croissants in France – they should be worth the extra euro!

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