It’s a classic cake – layers of sponge with chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream. Mmmm… very yummy but spreading the thin sponge layer on the baking tray is a pain. You cannot play around with it for too long or the batter will start to deflate. You have to spread an even layer otherwise you might get biscuit on one side.

We had Chef L. for practical. I managed to cajole Chef to consider making char siew bao for us over the weekend. Hmm, I wonder how will char siew bao taste like coming from a French chef. Maybe we will have foie gras bao!

After all the chit chat and char siew bao and xiao long bao, I finished my Opera cake:

Yes, I know, I sabotaged my cake. 1. Smudge on left caused by initial sabotage by classmate who dropped some flour on it and I stupidly tried to wipe off.

2. Smudge on right caused by overflowing piping bag (Chef, now you know the real reason :P)


1 Response to “Opera”

  1. 1 diandra January 29, 2009 at 6:33 am

    ssllrrpp!! looks delicious….
    how do you do.

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