Chocolate Episode 2

It’s time to get brown and dirty again…

I made molded chocolates and chocolate caramel in snobinette cups. The molded chocolates are really pretty, with white chocolate fine lines and multi facets. Filled with smooth, melt in mouth chocolate ganache. But to save time, I did not boil the cream so better to eat them in 3 days before green furry friends get to them.

Forgot to bring my camera to practical class so I have posted my Chef J’s demo pieces (mine looks similar :P):

– Malakoff : sliced almonds and pistachios in milk chocolate **** (4 stars)

– Caramel chocolate in snobinette cups : * (1 star – I don’t like caramel chocolates)

– Molded chocolates : **** (4 stars)

To me, the most difficult part to truffle making is in tempering the chocolate. To make the shiny, snappy coating, you have to:

  1. Melt choc over bain-marie to 45 C.
  2. Cool down on ice-bath to 28 C.
  3. Reheat choc to 31 C.

Don’t ask me why (ask the chocolate why she is such a fussy woman). In class, we don’t use thermometers since the candy thermometers we have are not accurate in chocolate temperature ranges.

We test the temperature on our skin just below the lips. I am starting to calibrate my skin to differentiate between 26 C, 28 C and 31 C. At 26 C, it feels cold. At 28 C, it feels cold. At 31 C, it feels less cold.

And I’m right about half the time.


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