A Time for Celebration

Yes, I passed my intermediate exams. I made the Opera cake and it turned out okay. Not as good as the first time I made during practical but I was certain it would pass. For some reason, the school has raised their grading standards and is now possible to fail the exams and almost impossible to get distinctions.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my course so far sans the exams. Exams are always stressful and unlike an academic exam, the unexpected can happen in a practical exam (I have fear of dropping my cake or forgetting I have placed something in the oven).

Our last practical class after the exams was to decorate our celebration cake. It is basically a fruit cake (baked 3 weeks ago and fed loads of alcohol) covered in rolled fondant with piped royal icing. We also made sugar flowers for decor. I made one with a wedding theme – piped dots with pink blossoms. Went home with a headache after spending 6 hours doing all the crap but I think was well worth the effort.

I’m quite interested to do wedding cakes and I will be making one next year for my housemate and a very good friend. I had a real cake for my wedding and I loved it very much. If anyone reads this and would like to have a real wedding cake, leave me your contact and we can work out something nice (it won’t be free but it would be at a great price).


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