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Wedgewood Blue Croquembouche

“wedgewood blue…” was the colour the bride wanted for her croquembouche. I tried my best to match the exact shade of blue and I think it got pretty close. It’s  not always easy to achieve a particular colour in pastry work since food colours are limited and sometimes the base is not white.

I like to work with pastel shades. Not only is the result elegant and pretty, it also uses less food colour. I get requests for strong colours occasionally. Like a black fondant cake or a red one. If you ever attend a party with a cake of such strong colours, I suggest you skip eating the fondant covering. The amount of food colouring that goes in there, hmm…


The Princess Tiara

This cake was ordered as a gift for 2 little girls’ birthday – with a princess theme. And butterflies. Everything you see on this cake is handmade and edible. The tiara and butterflies are painstakingly made using piped royal icing left to harden. A few extras had to be made since they are extremely fragile. I don’t think the tiara made it to anyone’s head!

Pom Pom Bow Cake

A variation of the popular Petite Bow Cake, this one is in a gorgeous blue topped with a pom pom bow. The sides of the cake has a fan like pattern with a sugared surface for an added sparkle effect. Simple and very pretty! I imagine this looking good for a wedding luncheon too.

A Crystal Wedding

I had accompanied a good friend to her bridal fitting and had the chance to talk to her gown designer who happened to be looking for a wedding cake. She wanted a grand looking cake with flowers. So I designed a 5 tier fondant cake with fresh flowers and crystals to match her gown. Topped with a custom crystalised initials of the bride and groom, I think this should be grand enough and won’t be dwarfed by the opulent stage decor.

This cake unleashed the florist in me and I enjoyed putting up the flowers. The crystals were a pain though. They had to be individually stuck onto the ribbon and there is A LOT of crystals, not to mention the crystal studded intials as a cake topper.

But I’m sure this looks better than most hotels’ fake wedding cake:)

A Mummy’s Gift

A 1st year birthday cake for a mummy’s precious! Interestingly, dad’s birthday is on the same day too.

Fondant covered moist chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream – great for the kids and grown ups! Bottom tier has my favourite 3 dot design and top tier has sugar daisies. Topped with fondant ribbon bow.


Flowers on my quilt

Flowers on my quilt


This was a wedding gift which Chris’ friend gave to her cousin. Purple is the bride’s favourite colour hence the little lilac flowers – 50 of them in total, all made from sugar.

I made lemon sponge cake for the bottom tier and lychee sponge for the top tier. It must have looked pretty when cut, pastel shades of yellow and pink with lilac flowers! Wish I could be there to take the pics.

The wedded couple loved the cake and I thank FY for her lovely choice of a wedding gift 😉

Santa says…


thank you for your support this festive season. I am glad you have enjoyed your log cake as much as I have enjoyed making them. Cannot say the same for Chris though (he is the official dishwasher).

My favourite moment of log cake making? That would be sprinkling the gold dust and placing the little decorations to complete the look.

My least favourite moment? Separating eggs and having loads of unwanted egg whites. Hmm something I should train Chris to do kekekeke…

till next time, but thank you for your kind orders:) Will continue to push out new stuff!


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