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Leaving Singapore…

my packed luggage!Being quite a last minute person, I only started light packingĀ 1 week before my trip. Luckily I made a list and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Somehow, I didn’t feel the need to bring half my wardrobe (probably because half of my wardrobe doesn’t fit me now). Plus, I have to make space for a hand held mixer, a chiffon tin, a digital weighing scale… and of course clammie.

I made a little booklet for Scb and hid it in his pillow. Wanted to let him know when I board the plane. But I thought it would make him really sad if he went back to an empty home and saw my present – so I told him in the morning. It’s going to be really hard for the both of us – no hugs, no poking at each other and we won’t be able to sleep and wake up together for the next 4 months. sad sad sad…

At the airport I had a nice surprise from my very dear friends… was a little disappointed when they told me they won’t come to see me off so I get time with Scb. Although there was really no need to see me off lah… it’s only 4 months. But they came anyway. So touched. In fact, this little 4 month trip has been filled with well wishes from many friends. Thank you all!!! I will make cakes for ya!

I will study hard!!!



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