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A Sheriff’s Accessories

cactus For a 21st birthday theme, I made some cowboy accessories including fondant cactuses, a sheriff star and a chocolate cowboy hat!

All edible although it wouldn’t taste very nice…

Guess what the cactus spikes were made of?

…. pasta!




Kate’s Bees

Fondant BeesI’ve always wanted to get a chance to make some fondant bees. They are soooo cute, don’t you think? I’m sure little Kate will like them too.

I was thinking, ladybugs should be cute too. What else? snails? Butterflies, maybe certain caterpillars. Though in real life, these insects cause me some grief. I thought the yellow butterflies in my garden were pretty until I found loads of green caterpillars on my plants and munching much of my plants away. Not so cute!

Kate's Bees


A Singaporean bride residing in France requested for the traditional croquembouche as her wedding cake. I was excited about this project as it would be displayed at a prominent hotel and she wanted an autumny gold, orange feel to it. Lots of gold pom pom ribbons, icing maple leaves and chocolate oak leaves should do the trick!

The result is stunning and I’m so happy that the guests enjoyed the profiteroles and was so kind to write me a thank you note:)


Luggage Cake

A beautiful bride and her groom asked me to make a luggage themed cake for them. Being from different countries, they must have liked traveling or met each other on their travels? It was such a joy making this cake – the couple was very very polite and they had a great theme!


Petite Bow Cake

Petite Bow Cake

A two tier fondant chocolate cake fit for a princess!

This lovely cake was made for a 21st birthday celebration. Moist and rich chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting covered with fondant icing. Decorated with real satin ribbons for a luxe touch. Holds well in shaded outdoors.

Price upon request

Cacao 55

My new creation – Cacao 55

Made with high quality Valrhona chocolate 55%. Layers of rich dark chocolate mousse with super moist chocolate sponge and a crunchy feuilletine praline layer. A must try for chocolate addicts.

Opt for Cacao 70 for a more intense chocolate flavour (made with 70% Valrhona chocolate).

17 cm square cake (~2kg) – SGD 60

Cacao 55

Superior Starts Now!

I am so backlogged in my posts I don’t know where to start. The superior patisserie schedule was shocking – no off days and everyday starts at 9am! Means I have to wake up at 6:30 everyday 😦 And most days run to 5pm or sometimes to 7pm.

We have a week of chocolate work, a week of sugar work, a few days on bread, a few days on plated desserts, a few days on afternoon tea pastries (looking forward to that) and voila – the dreaded exams!

But I’m also counting down to my beloved’s visit :))))


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