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A Crystal Wedding

I had accompanied a good friend to her bridal fitting and had the chance to talk to her gown designer who happened to be looking for a wedding cake. She wanted a grand looking cake with flowers. So I designed a 5 tier fondant cake with fresh flowers and crystals to match her gown. Topped with a custom crystalised initials of the bride and groom, I think this should be grand enough and won’t be dwarfed by the opulent stage decor.

This cake unleashed the florist in me and I enjoyed putting up the flowers. The crystals were a pain though. They had to be individually stuck onto the ribbon and there is A LOT of crystals, not to mention the crystal studded intials as a cake topper.

But I’m sure this looks better than most hotels’ fake wedding cake:)


Kate’s Bees

Fondant BeesI’ve always wanted to get a chance to make some fondant bees. They are soooo cute, don’t you think? I’m sure little Kate will like them too.

I was thinking, ladybugs should be cute too. What else? snails? Butterflies, maybe certain caterpillars. Though in real life, these insects cause me some grief. I thought the yellow butterflies in my garden were pretty until I found loads of green caterpillars on my plants and munching much of my plants away. Not so cute!

Kate's Bees

A Blessing to Give

A wedding cake can be a great gift – looks great on the table and serves as a lovely dessert. I love wedding cakes with fresh flowers. They are amazingly elegant and timeless.

Fresh Flower Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was commissioned as a gift and at that time I was only given a pink theme to work with. Surprisingly, it turned out that the flowers on the cake matched those of the bridesmaids:) The cake has a first tier with lychee martini sponge cake and the second tier of lemon sponge cake. It has a fresh cream covering which taste better than fondant but is only suitable for air conditioned environment or for a short period outdoors.


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