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Wedgewood Blue Croquembouche

“wedgewood blue…” was the colour the bride wanted for her croquembouche. I tried my best to match the exact shade of blue and I think it got pretty close. It’s  not always easy to achieve a particular colour in pastry work since food colours are limited and sometimes the base is not white.

I like to work with pastel shades. Not only is the result elegant and pretty, it also uses less food colour. I get requests for strong colours occasionally. Like a black fondant cake or a red one. If you ever attend a party with a cake of such strong colours, I suggest you skip eating the fondant covering. The amount of food colouring that goes in there, hmm…


The Princess Tiara

This cake was ordered as a gift for 2 little girls’ birthday – with a princess theme. And butterflies. Everything you see on this cake is handmade and edible. The tiara and butterflies are painstakingly made using piped royal icing left to harden. A few extras had to be made since they are extremely fragile. I don’t think the tiara made it to anyone’s head!

Pom Pom Bow Cake

A variation of the popular Petite Bow Cake, this one is in a gorgeous blue topped with a pom pom bow. The sides of the cake has a fan like pattern with a sugared surface for an added sparkle effect. Simple and very pretty! I imagine this looking good for a wedding luncheon too.

Kate’s Bees

Fondant BeesI’ve always wanted to get a chance to make some fondant bees. They are soooo cute, don’t you think? I’m sure little Kate will like them too.

I was thinking, ladybugs should be cute too. What else? snails? Butterflies, maybe certain caterpillars. Though in real life, these insects cause me some grief. I thought the yellow butterflies in my garden were pretty until I found loads of green caterpillars on my plants and munching much of my plants away. Not so cute!

Kate's Bees

Petite Bow Cake

Petite Bow Cake

A two tier fondant chocolate cake fit for a princess!

This lovely cake was made for a 21st birthday celebration. Moist and rich chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting covered with fondant icing. Decorated with real satin ribbons for a luxe touch. Holds well in shaded outdoors.

Price upon request

Cacao 55

My new creation – Cacao 55

Made with high quality Valrhona chocolate 55%. Layers of rich dark chocolate mousse with super moist chocolate sponge and a crunchy feuilletine praline layer. A must try for chocolate addicts.

Opt for Cacao 70 for a more intense chocolate flavour (made with 70% Valrhona chocolate).

17 cm square cake (~2kg) – SGD 60

Cacao 55

Charlotte Baies


A variation of the Charlotte – strawberry mousse with lemon mousse surrounded by sponge fingers and generously topped with mixed berries. It’s a lovely combination – light tart lemon with smooth strawberry and vanilla sponge in between. It’s my housemate’s favourite and I’m making 3 tiers of it for his wedding!

You can’t stop at 1 slice.

1 kg – $40


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