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Wedgewood Blue Croquembouche

“wedgewood blue…” was the colour the bride wanted for her croquembouche. I tried my best to match the exact shade of blue and I think it got pretty close. It’s  not always easy to achieve a particular colour in pastry work since food colours are limited and sometimes the base is not white.

I like to work with pastel shades. Not only is the result elegant and pretty, it also uses less food colour. I get requests for strong colours occasionally. Like a black fondant cake or a red one. If you ever attend a party with a cake of such strong colours, I suggest you skip eating the fondant covering. The amount of food colouring that goes in there, hmm…


A Crystal Wedding

I had accompanied a good friend to her bridal fitting and had the chance to talk to her gown designer who happened to be looking for a wedding cake. She wanted a grand looking cake with flowers. So I designed a 5 tier fondant cake with fresh flowers and crystals to match her gown. Topped with a custom crystalised initials of the bride and groom, I think this should be grand enough and won’t be dwarfed by the opulent stage decor.

This cake unleashed the florist in me and I enjoyed putting up the flowers. The crystals were a pain though. They had to be individually stuck onto the ribbon and there is A LOT of crystals, not to mention the crystal studded intials as a cake topper.

But I’m sure this looks better than most hotels’ fake wedding cake:)

A Blessing to Give

A wedding cake can be a great gift – looks great on the table and serves as a lovely dessert. I love wedding cakes with fresh flowers. They are amazingly elegant and timeless.

Fresh Flower Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was commissioned as a gift and at that time I was only given a pink theme to work with. Surprisingly, it turned out that the flowers on the cake matched those of the bridesmaids:) The cake has a first tier with lychee martini sponge cake and the second tier of lemon sponge cake. It has a fresh cream covering which taste better than fondant but is only suitable for air conditioned environment or for a short period outdoors.

Charlotte Wedding Cake

Yes – I have been baking, just not blogging 😛

Am loading the yummy creations I have been making the past months – and do feel free to contact me if you would like to order something 🙂

This is a 3 tier charlotte baies cake for a lovely purple themed wedding:

Charlotte wedding cake

Flowers on my quilt

Flowers on my quilt


This was a wedding gift which Chris’ friend gave to her cousin. Purple is the bride’s favourite colour hence the little lilac flowers – 50 of them in total, all made from sugar.

I made lemon sponge cake for the bottom tier and lychee sponge for the top tier. It must have looked pretty when cut, pastel shades of yellow and pink with lilac flowers! Wish I could be there to take the pics.

The wedded couple loved the cake and I thank FY for her lovely choice of a wedding gift 😉

Wedding Macaron Croquembouche

A few weeks back, I had the great pleasure to make a macaron croquembouche for one of hubby’s close friend. She is a charming and bubbly girl, very pretty and always makes me feel welcomed in their office clique. Needless to say, I embarked on this little project with lots of hope and ideals…

I’m not really experienced at making macarons – these little French almond meringues with smooth tops and furry feet – and I didn’t understand the hype about them until I started experimenting. Boy, they are really temperamental and you need to give them the right touch and feel. I would sit patiently in front of my oven, watching the little ones grow in the heat and by the 5th minute, they would have grown some feet and by the 8th minute, if they have not cracked, they would not crack at all. The good thing is that you get results of your love in 12 minutes – but you never really know where you have done right or wrong. As complicated as human love, this macaron.

After churning out batches which looked like UFOs, volcanoes, craters, I did manage to get some good looking ones. I kept myself going thinking of Chef L (no no, don’t mistaken – not in that way). Back in culinary school, we had a cuisine Chef who always had a kind word for me even though I wasn’t in the cuisine section. Anyway, we made him promise to make us some Char Siew Bao (barbequed pork buns) if we do graduate. True to his words, he did make Char Siew Bao on our graduation day but the Bao didn’t make it pass the kitchen. It apparently was not edible according to Chef C. who couldn’t stop laughing at his misfortune. I’m really appreciative of his effort and it did make me realise that practice makes perfect – cliche but so very true!

My croquembouche did make it out of the kitchen though and onto a wedding reception table no less…

lychee and cream cheese macaron-croquembouche_1


Piped royal icing design on the base:


If you or your friend would like to have one, let me know:)

A Time for Celebration

Yes, I passed my intermediate exams. I made the Opera cake and it turned out okay. Not as good as the first time I made during practical but I was certain it would pass. For some reason, the school has raised their grading standards and is now possible to fail the exams and almost impossible to get distinctions.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my course so far sans the exams. Exams are always stressful and unlike an academic exam, the unexpected can happen in a practical exam (I have fear of dropping my cake or forgetting I have placed something in the oven).

Our last practical class after the exams was to decorate our celebration cake. It is basically a fruit cake (baked 3 weeks ago and fed loads of alcohol) covered in rolled fondant with piped royal icing. We also made sugar flowers for decor. I made one with a wedding theme – piped dots with pink blossoms. Went home with a headache after spending 6 hours doing all the crap but I think was well worth the effort.

I’m quite interested to do wedding cakes and I will be making one next year for my housemate and a very good friend. I had a real cake for my wedding and I loved it very much. If anyone reads this and would like to have a real wedding cake, leave me your contact and we can work out something nice (it won’t be free but it would be at a great price).


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