Dobos and Roulade

Hmm… it sounds like a name of a shop – Dobos and Roulade.

The Dobos Chocolate slice is a butter cake assembled with chocolate ganache layers and coated with chocolate glaze. It was not easy to slice the cake into triangular halves as the sticky ganache makes it difficult to get a clean slice. This cake does look quite cool but I would prefer less chocolate (maybe I should spread less chocolate in between the layers).

As usual, half of the chocolate gets on my jacket, apron and sleeves.

On the same practical, we made a roulade a la framboise (aka raspberry swiss roll). It was a mini version and the roll is only about 6 cm in diameter. The raspberry fresh cream is heavenly. It’s worth getting a tummy for. Together, the dobos and roulade make a handsome pair!


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