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Pom Pom Bow Cake

A variation of the popular Petite Bow Cake, this one is in a gorgeous blue topped with a pom pom bow. The sides of the cake has a fan like pattern with a sugared surface for an added sparkle effect. Simple and very pretty! I imagine this looking good for a wedding luncheon too.


A Crystal Wedding

I had accompanied a good friend to her bridal fitting and had the chance to talk to her gown designer who happened to be looking for a wedding cake. She wanted a grand looking cake with flowers. So I designed a 5 tier fondant cake with fresh flowers and crystals to match her gown. Topped with a custom crystalised initials of the bride and groom, I think this should be grand enough and won’t be dwarfed by the opulent stage decor.

This cake unleashed the florist in me and I enjoyed putting up the flowers. The crystals were a pain though. They had to be individually stuck onto the ribbon and there is A LOT of crystals, not to mention the crystal studded intials as a cake topper.

But I’m sure this looks better than most hotels’ fake wedding cake:)

Flowers on my quilt

Flowers on my quilt


This was a wedding gift which Chris’ friend gave to her cousin. Purple is the bride’s favourite colour hence the little lilac flowers – 50 of them in total, all made from sugar.

I made lemon sponge cake for the bottom tier and lychee sponge for the top tier. It must have looked pretty when cut, pastel shades of yellow and pink with lilac flowers! Wish I could be there to take the pics.

The wedded couple loved the cake and I thank FY for her lovely choice of a wedding gift 😉


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